Thursday, July 19, 2007


Important for all web users.
►You can shorten web addr. with one step less by inserting " # " * i.e.
► switching to another /user or /dir " " " " by inserting userY# or dirY# i.e.

my ADDRESS history

2000 unicode Xtended Át-@ddressess (waves and fishes in the river spree)
and more flashy creations with the fullblock character.

2004 MS disabled the AT-@ddresses in the Ie

2005 the following 2 types Xtended url´s

→ Xtended domains with idn subdomains i.e.


The worth of the xtended url´s: the ability to add additional content², readalbe in the statusbar and addressbar. In html reduced systems like wikis, blogs + forums without title tags, the onliest way, to add hidden content.

* You can too insert "?" . You must not highlight + delete the address end.
² descriptions, slogans, figurative unicode creations, + ?

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