Friday, November 03, 2000


= Internationalized Domain Name

from idna = idn for applications

The browsers with IDN support are converting the characters to a punycode string
which starts with "xn--" followed by 2 ( i.e. £ =9a) or mostly 3 digits.

idn domains: under some tld´s restricted i.e. .info + .org only "äöü"

How to register an idn => visit a registrar or subdomain provider, who supports idn registrations.

How to register an idn subdomain
type or copy into the addressbar*
"special-character(s)" i.e. ─‗─

The addressbar will show the code after hiting the "ENTER" key.
►another way:create a http:// link in a system with a preview function. The statusbar will show the punycode string by touching the link
or right click "copy link location"


`* in Mozilla, FF, NN, opera, safari + Ie7 Ie6 needs a plug in


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